Step 1

Moisten your face, apply your favorite cleanser to the Venus cleansing head and press the power button, adjusting the intensity of the pulses with "+ / -". (We recommend keeping the lowest level for the first few uses to gradually accustom your skin to the treatment.)

Run Venus over your face in circular motions, rinse and dry the device, pat your face dry and move on to the second step.

Step 2

Now apply eye contour and serum using the Gua Sha 2.0 mode, glide the metal part in linear motions from the bottom up as per the Gua Sha massage technique (see illustrative image), following the natural shapes of the face and neck. This treatment will relieve puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and help the active ingredients of your favorite products to be deeply absorbed.

Step 3

Apply the cream and activate Anti-Ageing massage mode on wrinkle-prone areas for 1 minute. Enjoy this final step of your skincare routine by giving your skin a moment of total relaxation.

Now you are ready to face the day in the best possible way!

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