Frequently asked questions about the Venus device.

  • How do I clean Venus?
To keep your device in great condition, wash the surface with soap and water, rinse and dry with a cloth or towel.

  • What facial cleansers can I use with Venus?
You can use any facial cleanser, but to keep your device in top condition, avoid using clay-based or granular cleansers as they may damage the silicone contact points.

  • Can I use Gua Sha 2.0 mode with serums and creams?
Yes. You can use your favorite facial products and achieve better results.

  • Can I use Venus around my eyes?
Yes, Venus is a safe product and used around the eye area helps reduce dark circles, puffiness and expression lines. We recommend using the lowest frequency and gently gliding Venus into the affected area without applying too much pressure.

  • Can I use Venus if I have delicate or sensitive facial skin?
Of course, our device is suitable for even the most delicate skin or skin affected by rosacea, thanks to the super soft silicone bristles and the adjustable power of the pulsations. For sensitive and delicate skin we recommend the lowest power and use once a day.