Why do you need a brush in your skincare? The harms of scrubs.

by Sophie Alice

I'm writing this article because every day I get questions about scrubs, why and how to do them, from those who can't do without them because they "feel clean" afterwards, and so on.

First point, the face should not be scrubbed. Physical scrubs, unlike chemical scrubs (exfoliating acids), act through microgranules contained within products such as cleansers or balms, made with sand or plastic materials. These microgranules literally scrape away dead skin cells and excess accumulated sebum, thoroughly cleaning the surface layer of the skin and leaving it glowing and hydrated. YOU LIKE IT.

When you need to remove nail polish do you scrape it off with a file or dissolve it by rubbing it with a cotton ball?

Why do you have to remove dirt from your skin with a file?

I'm not condemning all scrubs, there are very gentle ones, but each skin has its own and in any case you should not overdo it. In short, it's an unnecessary risk.

What happens is the abrasion of the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, the elimination of sebum and dead cells with these methods in fact, involves excessive stress and the risk of scratching or hurting what should remain intact. Result? Redness, dryness, acne.

But what is the alternative for those who do not want to use acids? Silicone brushes. Like Glosye for instance.

These devices can be used with your own daily cleanser, so suitable for your skin type and your needs and thanks to the silicone brush, soft and hypoallergenic make a deeper cleaning going to remove residues from the skin without planing the poor barrier.

Why do I use Glosye as an example? It is so far the most complete and affordable device I've tried. Unlike the cheap ones it has two functions: exfoliation and massage, both with adjustable vibration. The metal part that you see in fact, allows you to use it to massage the face (like a jade roller), using the temperature and vibration to decongest and firm the skin of the face, promoting the proper absorption of the products of your routine.

It comes with a charger, but you charge it at the change of seasons because it lasts so long and is entirely waterproof.

These are the benefits I have found after prolonged use every night:

- I have sensitive but oily skin, the softness of the brushes provides me with sufficient but gentle cleansing.

- Because of the mask I suffer from blackheads and whiteheads on the chin area that unfortunately do not go away with any kind of acid in a satisfactory way. With Glosye and a good cleanser I am slowly removing the dead cells that clog the pores in that area, decreasing the thickness of the imperfections.

- I use it in the shower, while I wait for conditioner or various masks to work and give myself a nice facial massage.

- Used on the eye area along with your eye cream, it helps reduce puffiness and fine expression lines.

- However, the vibration allows you to stimulate microcirculation in your face already during cleansing, so if you don't have a hustle to get a massage every night, it still works.

- It's much softer than all the cheap or similarly priced versions.

- They are full of promotions, making it even more affordable.

- It's super easy to use with no Apps, added pieces or accessories.

Just one month later, my skin has improved, the texture is smoother and the pores, free of impurities, are less noticeable.

I recommend the video of my skincare that helped make my skin look better and get rid of my mask acne:

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