by Barbara (Makeup Sinner)


Hello Sinners!

Today I absolutely have to tell you about my experience with the "Venus" by Glosye:
3in1 device that combines sonic pulse cleaning technology with Gua Sha massage technique.

Let's Rock!

For a few weeks now I've been testing this facial cleansing device that was kindly sent to me by the company: Glosye, a brand made in Italy whose mission is to make these moments of self-care part of every woman's daily routine, in order to face the day at its best.

Some features:

  • is a waterproof device
  • has an adjustable power up to 4 frequencies
  • one hour of charging for 3 months of use

    It has an ergonomic soap bar shape and is composed of various parts for different functions:


    Its hypoallergenic silicone head has very gentle bristles that deep clean, removing dead skin cells with the power of sonic pulsation.

    Suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate, it is resistant to bacteria and very easy to clean with soap and water. To benefit from its effects, just one minute twice a day is enough: a cleansed, radiant and impurity-free skin.

    After using it I notice that my skin feels really smooth and clean: I use it in combo with a mousse or gel cleanser, and especially in the evening it is now an essential step because it allows me to remove all traces of makeup, smog, spf and impurities.


    What is the Gua Sha technique?

    It is a draining facial massage, generally performed with the special heart stone: this massage helps to promote blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves skin elasticity, reduces facial wrinkles and eases muscle tension.

    The Gua Sha 2.0 mode of the Venus takes this technique to the next level, thanks to the help of micropulsations, which carry the active ingredients of the treatments into the deeper layers of the skin.

    It also has a proven toning effect: a true workout session for the face and neck that repairs elastin while firming the contours. This is, in fact, my favorite function of the Venus, because in just a few weeks, using it regularly together with an oil or to spread my eye cream and face cream, I notice a more defined oval and a beautiful skin lifted and turgid: after each use the skin is relaxed thanks to the massage, bright and plumped thanks to micro-pulsations.



    Thanks to the back of the head equipped with 3D silicone waves and low frequency pulsations, you can treat yourself to a gentle massage to reduce fine lines and expression lines of the most prone areas of the face, giving the skin a moment of pure relaxation and a fresher, younger look.

    This massage circulates the blood flow, stimulating the muscles and thus increasing the production of collagen. A real treat to include in your beauty routine!


    Other useful info:

    • Venus has a starting cost of 102€, but is discounted by the company to 54.99€;
    • It is available in 3 colors: Sakura Pink, Blue Sky and Carbon Black;
    • If you buy 2 devices you have an additional 20% automatic discount at checkout;
    • Shipping costs are offered by Glosye;
    • Possibility of payment by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and ApplePay;
    • Upon purchase you will receive the user manual via email to get the most out of the device's technology.

      Thanks for coming this far 🤍

      See you soon!