by Francesca Pintonglosye

Glosye Venus is a 3 in one device: cleansing, massage and gua-sha massage.

Keep reading the article to find out how I found it!

Sonic cleaning with Glosye Venus


Glosye Venus has a hypoallergenic silicone brush that allows for deep daily cleansing with gentle exfoliation. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The nice thing is that the vibration is adjustable so you can adjust it to your skin type.

It's also much softer than other versions at the same price point.

Massage with Glosye Venus

With the back of the device you can massage your face to let the products absorb more easily. Just place it on and on the areas you want to massage, I usually use it on the eye area as it helps me with puffiness and small expression lines.

GUA-SHA with Glosye Venus


The Face Gua Sha skincare technique is an evolution of the age-old Gua Sha technique of "rubbing" the body, developed to rid the body of inflammation and tension through rubbing at specific points. Applied to facial skin care and beauty, it loosens muscle contractions and tensions. But that's not all: at the same time, it stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation at a deep level, eliminating swelling (it's a real miracle for dark circles) and gradually relaxing the face. It also acts on the skin of the face, with a real anti-aging effect by firming facial muscles, visibly shaping the contours, making the skin more elastic and homogeneous, evening out the complexion and reducing dehydration or excessive production of sebum.


How is GUA-SHA used?

Wrap skin in a generous amount of facial oil or very rich moisturizer. Apply all over the face and neck, including the sides and back.

Begin by starting at the back of the neck, movements will start at the base of the neck and end at the hairline, with a direction from the bottom to the top. The pressure should be minimal and the movements smooth.

Move to the sides, where you will slide the gua-sha, with almost no pressure, from the collarbone to below the ear hairline.

Do the same movement very lightly, concentrating on the front, with upward movements from the bottom to the bottom of the chin.

Move to the jaw bone: place the finger of your free hand on the chin to hold the skin in place while you slide your tool, using in this case the upper side of the heart, between the two curves.

Follow the line of the jaw starting from the center of the chin and working your way up to the ear hairline. Repeat on the other side.

Move up to the cheek, in one movement, starting at the outer corner of the mouth and moving up to the temple, stretching the entire cheek and cheekbone. Hold the skin in place with your free hand by placing a finger over the lip. Repeat on the other side.

With the same part of your Gua Sha, massage the eyebrow arch (going along the eyebrow) from the inside to the outside, first on one side then the other.

Move on to the forehead, which you are going to treat with the longer concave part. First the central part, from the point in the middle of the eyebrows to the hairline, with movements from the bottom to the top. Then the respective sides, from the eyebrow to the hairline.

Why is Glosye's GUA-SHA different from others?

Because thanks to its technology vibrates and thus increases the potential of this massage.

What do I think?

I find it to be the best product in that price range as it is good quality and no other competitor has 3 functions. It also has a cord for charging, although it actually takes months to charge. For me it is promoted and over time I have seen improvements on my skin, especially with the cleaning function as it removes impurities very well!

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