Glosye Venus: the Spa cleanser

by Marina Baldi

My favorite step of skincare is cleansing, I could spend hours massaging my face with a mousse or gel cleanser and never without a device that helps me deep clean and remove impurities, stress and makeup of the day that has passed.

I started a long time ago with the Clarisonic, then came the Foreo, alas only for a thousand uses, so when I was left without it I felt lost!!!

Suddenly GLOSYE has arrived with its original VENUS device, which combines sonic technology with the Gua-Sha massage technique to obtain with a single device a complete and effective skin care!

Glosye's philosophy is based on the importance of carving out time, devoting precious minutes to the beauty routine with a small ritual increases personal confidence and self-esteem.

The moment of skincare is transformed into a spa ritual of a few minutes so relaxing and effective that I can no longer do without.

The Venus device by Glosye looks like a bar of soap, silicone on one side, where there are the little teeth that allow you to perform facial cleansing, while on the other there is a silver fitness head that allows you to perform a relaxing facial massage.

The intensity is modulable thanks to the buttons + / -, my right setting is a micro medium pulse, it is waterproof up to one meter deep, so it can be used in the shower. It is rechargeable with supplied usb cable and the retractable charging port prevents seepage and oxidation.

The benefits of using GLOSYE's facial cleansing device are many: it eliminates pimples, minimizes pores, the skin is really well cleansed because it is cleansed of impurities and stress and therefore will look brighter, velvety and even, it can be used with any cleanser, I love it with gels and mousses.

Using Venus for cleansing is super easy:

  • Moisten your face
  • Wet the device and apply your usual cleanser
  • Press the center button to activate cleansing mode.
  • Select desired intensity and massage all over your face, if you have combination skin like me insist on the T-zone.

    The quality leap is when you proceed to the massage thanks to the side with silver head, which replaces the typical stones used for the famous gua sha massage, a technique that descends from Chinese medicine and that allows you to perform a facial stretching able to stimulate facial circulation and slow down the signs of aging and fight wrinkles:

    • Apply your favorite serum or cream
    • Press the power button again and select the intensity.
    • Massage for approximately 1 minute, following facial lines gently to avoid irritating the skin, especially sensitive skin.

      The Gua Sha technique favors the relaxation of the muscular fascias, stimulates the superficial blood circulation, increases the oxygenation of the tissues and intensifies the lymphatic drainage, freeing the skin from toxins.

      With the micro-pulsation enhanced massage, the products used for post-cleansing skincare are absorbed deeper and the actives penetrate better.

      This treatment will give the skin a toned and glowing appearance, also because it will be much more receptive during the relaxation time.

      I remind you that starting to use these devices for cleansing you may have a rebound effect, precisely because the deep cleansing will bring out all the imperfections, but do not give up and insist, your skin will thank you.

      I've been using them for years now and I can't do without them anymore, what I like most is the gentle yet deep feeling you get when cleansing.

      In addition, I noticed that it also prevents the annoying Maskne, the mask acne, because it gently regenerates the skin and gives relief after many hours spent wearing the mask.

      You can purchase the Venus in various colors on Glosye's website.

      Also by purchasing 2 devices with the #glosyefriends offer you will get an additional 20% off the total.

      It is an opportunity not to be missed if you want to try for the first time these devices or if you want to replace yours.

      As always I wait for you on

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      See you soon,


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