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Glosye™ - Venus


Glosye™ - Venus

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Venus device all in 1: combines the technology of sonic cleaning with the technique of massage Gua Sha, to obtain with a single device a complete and effective skincare!

Your skincare will no longer be long and boring, but a ritual of a few minutes so relaxing and effective that you will not be able to do without!

Treat yourself every day to the same treatment of a luxury spa for less than the price of a single session!

Who said you have to suffer to be beautiful?

Daily skincare is a must for better looking skin!

Superficial and careless cleansing leaves makeup residue, smog, germs and sebum on the skin that accumulates throughout the day. This compromises a healthy, balanced complexion.

But let's be honest, none of us like to undergo the classic and painful manual facial cleansing to get rid of blackheads and blackheads, which do nothing but stress the skin and leave marks, scars and spots on the face.

Good news! Venus is equipped with sonic technology to give you a tech treatment like in the best beauty centers. For an effective and above all non-aggressive cleaning.

Perfect even for the most delicate skins, which can not stand aggressive manual or steam too hot.

The result? A skin perfectly free from imperfections, without suffering.

Deep cleaning in one minute

Thanks to the super soft head in hypoallergenic silicone and the power of sonic pulsations you can say goodbye to impurities and imperfections.

Free your skin from dirt and dead cells, respecting the hydrolipidic film, exfoliating always gently.

Venus bristles have different sizes to suit any need that thanks to micropulsations remove excess sebum and all impurities, even the most hidden, are also ideal for all skin types such as those more delicate or affected by rosacea.

Venus is naturally resistant to bacteria, more hygienic than cleansing brushes with nylon bristles.

Radiant skin in just one minute twice a day.

Invigorating effect and nourished skin with Gua Sha 2.0 mode

Not everyone knows that our skin is composed of three layers. Simple manual application of creams only moisturizes the first layer.

The Gua Sha 2.0 mode takes the Gua Sha massage technique to another level by using the principle of micropulsations to deliver the specific active ingredients you need deeper into the skin, from serums and eye contours to anti-aging creams, nourishing the skin completely

The Gua Sha 2.0 head also has a toning effect. Perform a real workout session on your face and neck to repair elastin and firm your face.

This treatment will give your skin an incredibly toned and glowing appearance.

Cuddle your face

Thanks to the specific ergonomics and low-frequency pulsations, you can treat yourself to a massage that reduces the areas prone to wrinkles and expression lines, giving your skin a more youthful appearance, all while enjoying a relaxing moment.

Your skin is about 60 percent more receptive during the relaxation time, this is also the most rejuvenating moment.

The Venus massage process circulates blood flow, stimulates muscles and increases collagen production.

You won't need anything else!


- WATERPROOF GUARANTEED IPX7: enjoy the device in total relaxation by taking it with you in the tub, shower or wherever you want. You can submerge it up to one meter underwater.

customize your beauty routine to fit your needs by adjusting the intensity of the pulsations on 4 frequencies.

- 1 HOUR RECHARGE 3 MONTHS OF USE: with the new charging port almost invisible to the naked eye that closes automatically to prevent seepage and oxidation.

- 97% SOFTER SETS: different sizes to fit any need, naturally bacteria resistant and super soft, perfect for all skin types.

- ANTI-AGING MASSAGE: reduces areas prone to wrinkles and expression lines, with this massage your skin will be 60% more receptive by stimulating muscles and increasing collagen production.

- GUA SHA 2.0: Gua Sha 2.0 head uses the ancient technique of Chinese tradition enhanced by sonic pulsations to convey the active ingredients of skincare products and give the skin a relaxed, toned and plumped up appearance. Silk effect guaranteed!


We lovingly create products that will complement and enhance your daily self-care ritual.

You will receive the user manual via email to make the most of our devices' technology!

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